Cupboo AI robotic pet
by Genmoor

Hi, this is Boo Boo.

Boo Boo is not just a toy.

It is also the king of the planet Lonely,

The movement of Boo Boo is navigated by complex steering engine build along with an advance computing chip. 

Therefore please be kind to Boo Boo, it is not an ordinary robotic pet. 

It could give you different responds according to your interaction.


Are you ready for the magical power of Boo Boo?

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Meet Boo Boo 
An AI robotic pet

It is everyone's dream to have an everlasting friendship.

Someone that adds a colour to your life by being your company.


A chubby plushy cutie pie;

Calling out to you with its cute voice;

No needs to clean up faces nor to be fed as other pet required;

Just as simply require charging when the battery is low. 


Boo Boo has born with its character of cuteness.

It also love to learn new things, as continuously being updated with its function, in order to deliver the best for the purpose of its life, as being created.

Boo Boo will be equipped with CBT in the future, as a base to assist mental healthcare nevertheless.

About us

Genmoor technology aim to deliver heart-warming product through advance technology. 

Our brand Cupboo, will continuously developing AI robot to assist the healthcare needs for adolescent in this generation. 

To bring in the best interest of with comfort into our daily life. 

At the same time, to apply with professional psychology skills and knowledge,  for the needs of mental healthcare in adolescents.

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